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Kristna regnbågsrörelsen - Riksförbundet EKHO

The Priceless Podcast "AROACE - I'm Valid, I'm Strong, I'm Proud"

The Priceless podcast är en videopodd som produceras av European Forum Of LGBT Christian Groups.

I detta avsnitt får vi lära känna Elin som är aktiv i EKHO.

Many minorities, but also others (like women) know what it's like to experience disrespect. There are constantly new groups of people who go through that experience, even from those who went through the same hardships. Of course, behind that, there is often fear, misinformation and prejudice. It is not different for ARO-ACE people. Elin tells her story of figuring our her orientation when she was 37 years old. She tells us what she went through as a person, believer, pastor and how she found pride in her identities.

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